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One Man Goes to Sefton…

One thing that we all have in common is food. Like it or loathe it we all need to eat to survive… but it seems that some people want to *ahem* survive more than others.

Tom Savage is no exception to this rule.


Chef to stars such as Alex Ferguson, Prince Andrew and Sir Patrick Stewart (it’s ok – I squealed a little at this too) and with a cheffing resume as long as your arm – literally, I got it in text form – he certainly knows how to survive in style.


Doing a round trip from Cheshire to Yorkshire and back again, Tom, from the North West, started his career nearly twenty years ago as a student chef. He now resides at his place of training as Sous Chef.


With all of that experience under his belt I was interested to know what he’d be interested to see at the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.



What are you looking forward to the most?


I’m looking forward to tasting all of the fresh food on offer. From all different backgrounds – from the super healthy to the super indulgent. I’m really interested in finding out what meats, cheeses and fresh flavourful foods are on offer.


I’m looking forward to seeing if there are any homegrown delights as the love that goes into those things never fails to amaze me.


How will you know what to look for?


To find the tastiest deli meats you need to look out for bright colours. Meats tend to dull in colour as they age so to get the best flavour and quality look for vibrant colour and minimal fat or rind.


Cheeses should be white and none crumbly. Fruits, veggies and leaves should be firm and crunchy on the whole.




What flavours will you be looking out for?


The best three ingredients to pick that will add flavour to any dish:


  1. Lemon
  2. Cracked black pepper
  3. Balsamic vinegar


You would be shocked to know that all three of the these flavours adorn many traditional savoury and sweet dishes. Tasty especially with the freshest of ingredients: ginger, garlic and watercress but to name a few.


And what are your favourite luxury ingredients to add flavour?


Butter and cream – not for the faint hearted but they make everything taste better. No good if you are watching your weight.


But I’ll be looking out for a few of the more unusual luxury ingredients at the food show. I’d like to know more about edible flowers. They’re great for cake decorating and cocktail garnishes.





Cheapest way to add more flavour to food?


Cheapest, simplest and most effective. Salt and sugar.


I have found that Tom and I have a mutual love of cheese…


What do you hope the best part of the day will be?


Fresh cheese.


Good quality goats cheese should be bright white. Blue cheese should have plenty of veins but not so much that it falls apart. Better cheeses tend to wrapped in muslin, but there are some very nice cheeses encased in wax too.


I love all cheese and do not discriminate but if I had to choose it would be Blacksticks Blue and Lancashire Black Bomber. Best served with nuts like pistachios and dried fruits but my accompaniment of choice is onion chutney. Preferably home grown and home made.


So there we have it. Looking out for flavours of all kinds… now I’m looking forward to it even more. How about you?


Not long to go now.

Thanks so much for reading.

Love and Edible Flowers,


With thanks to Tom Savage for his time.